ETH市場動態(以太幣 Ethereum)

ETH市場動態(以太幣 Ethereum)是ETH(Ethereum)資訊集中討論區,好多傳聞ETH的地位不保,傳說中的「第二把交椅」已經被XRP瑞波幣取代,未來ETH還會重登第二位的寶座嗎?
您好,這裡是ETH市場動態(以太幣 Ethereum)專區,所有相關ETH以太幣Ethereum的資訊都會放在這裡。

ETH (Ethereum) market information discussion
The position of ETH is not guaranteed. The legendary 「second place」 has been replaced by XRP, and will ETH regain its second place in the future?
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