(香港時間)昨日晚上Tether公司在官網上公開一份新聞稿,內容是與Deltec Bank&Trust Limited 銀行已經成功建立商業合作夥伴的關系。過往不少人批評Tether公司業務不夠透明、不能與其他銀行機構合作等,Tether公司在本次新聞稿中亦再次澄清,為投資者消除長久以來的擔憂。

Tether再次強調1個USDT的價值等於1 美元的事實,以及對反洗錢行為,打擊資助恐怖主義行為的決心,可算為投資者「打強心針」!




Tether Limited(下稱Tether公司)已經確認與Deltec Bank&Trust Limited(下稱Deltec公司)成功建立商業合作夥伴關係並為Tether公司提供銀行業務。Deltec公司是一家總部位於巴哈馬國,並擁有72年歷史的金融機構。在Deltec對Tether公司進行嚴格調查後,已經獲得Deltec商業合作夥伴的資格。


在調查過程中特別針對以下部份,包括對Tether公司合規格的交易流程、政策和程序的分析;對Tether公司股東、最終受益人和高級職員進行全面背景調查;並評估Tether公司隨時維持與美元掛鉤匯率的能力以及Tether公司的資金管理政策。本次的調查過程共使用幾個月時間進行,並獲得了正面結果,致使Tether公司能在Deltec公司開設銀行賬戶。 Deltec會與Tether公司繼續發展更穩健的商業合作關系。

Tether 公司已經在美國財政部的金融犯罪執法網絡機構註冊,並承諾會維持最高標準的反洗錢行為,以及打擊資助恐怖主義的情況。市場上所有USDT完全由美元支持並安全存入我們的銀行賬戶。

Deltec Bank&Trust Limited於2018年11月1日發出的函件



Tether Banking Relationship Announced

Tether Limited is pleased to confirm that it has established a banking relationship with Deltec Bank & Trust Limited (“Deltec”), a 72-year-old financial institution with headquarters in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The acceptance of Tether Limited as a client of Deltec came after their due diligence review of our company. This included, notably, an analysis of our compliance processes, policies and procedures; a full background check of the shareholders, ultimate beneficiaries and officers of our company; and assessments of our ability to maintain the USD-peg at any moment and our treasury management policies. This process of due diligence, was conducted over a period of several months and garnered positive results, which led to the opening of our bank account with this institution. Deltec reviews our company on an ongoing basis.

Tether Limited is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the US Department of the Treasury and maintains the highest standards of AML/CFT procedures. USDT in the market are fully backed by US dollars that are safely deposited in our bank accounts.

Letter from Deltec Bank & Trust Limited dated November 1, 2018


昨日Tether上傳一張有關Tether公司在Deltec Bank & Trust Limited公司戶口中的美元證明


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